'United we are stronger.'

The automotive market comprises a multiplicity of suppliers for systems, components, materials and engineering services.

To choose the best of the best turns out to be the key of your success for rapid and cost-effective development solutions.

For the sake of our customers ADVANTECH STUDIOS are permanently observing the market searching for outstanding providers of excellent technologic competence.

Together with strong partners we are getting continuously more powerful without the need for you to control plenty suppliers yourself.

ADVANTECH STUDIOS: Only one communication partner for you - but a broad competence portfolio.

It is your benefit.

Algorithm Techno

ALGORITHM TECHNO is a leading East European development and engineering company providing industrial engineering services.
ALGORITHM TECHNO is mainly supporting East European automotive companies in the development process for new vehicles.
ALGORITHM TECHNO is having a long term experience and tradition performing developments primarily in the field of commercial and rail vehicles.


ARMORTECH GROUP is a leading international acting supplier for customer specific modified luxury limousines and armoured vehicles. ARMORTECH GROUP is mainly supporting wealthy individuals, company directors and governmental leaders realizing their highly individual vehicle ambitions.
ARMORTECH GROUP is having a long term experience and tradition serving customers in the market of luxury and armoured vehicles. The core competencies are covering ballistic knowledge and specific vehicle modification technologies as well as project management for the assembly of such products.


EMOTIONTECH is a company being highly specialised on the concept evaluation and prototyping build for electric vehicles.
  • Exterior and interior design
  • 3D animation and visualisation of sub assemblies and components
  • AUTOSAR compliant architectures
  • Numerical analysis, development and prototyping for electric drives
  • Development of electric wheel hub motors
  • Development and programming of customer specific niche series displays
  • Chassis definition, mechatronic components and body builds


ENPHINITI ENGINEERING is an Indian engineering services company, located in Bangalore, working for Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Mining and other industries.
ENPHINITI offers software product distribution and support, engineering services, training, staffing services and skills in product design and development, tooling, part sourcing and manufacturing, support to Indian and global engineering companies through its state of the art design facilities.
ENPHINITI ENGINEERING is offering ADVANTECH STUDIOS GmbH the opportunity to make use of engineering off-shoring cost reduction effects for future development projects. Furthermore both parties do have the chance to gain benefit in the Indian market arising from technical and strategic synergy effects in between both companies.


FIBREWORKS Engineering GbR is a highly specialised German development services provider for the automotive industry.
FIBREWORKS Engineering GbR is having its focus on the core competencies developments and niche productions in the area of composite materials.


Miliarium is a highly specialised German company providing engineering services in the field of sheet metal tooling development and automotive industrial process optimisation.
Miliarium is operating for internation vehicle manufacturers taking responsibility for the whole sheet metal oriented manufacturing process chain.

RLE International

RLE INTERNATIONAL GmbH is a leading and internationally acting German engineering services provider for the automotive industry.
The RLE INTERNATIONAL GmbH product portfolio core competencies are covering vehicle developments, electronics, business services and data based process optimisation.
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