Development support

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are taking care of complete vehicle development projects for manufacturers in the international emerging markets.
Apart from whole vehicle developments the product portfolio also includes individual development solutions in all dedicated technical disciplines being part in the vehicle development process.
An important part of the development activities belongs to modernisation of existing vehicles in terms of design, functionality and legal requirements.

To perform the development tasks ADVANTECH STUDIOS are making use of a network involving highly specialised co-operation partners, counting best in class in the automotive industry.

Manufacturing engineering

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are supporting vehicle manufacturers in the international emerging markets in all areas of production and manufacturing technologies:
  • Planning and implementation of production infrastructure
  • Planning and implementation of tooling
  • Optimisation for existing production processes

Cost reduction

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are providing support for vehicle manufacturers in the international emerging markets to achieve cost reduction effects related to production and products.
Typical starting points are:
  • Optimisation of existing production and manufacturing processes
  • Design optimisation for existing products
  • Substitution of materials being expensive or difficult to procure
  • Increase of local content

Innovative technologies

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are helping vehicles manufacturers in the international emerging markets introducing modern and innovative technologies.
Typically this does include:
  • Introduction of innovative materials
  • Use of modern production lines and machinery
  • Introduction of modern manufacturing processes
  • Coverage of modern functionallities and latest state product design

Business expansion

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are supporting primarily German speaking West European system, component and material suppliers as well as engineering services providers faunding and expanding business in the international automotive ermerging markets.
For that purpose we do establish contacts to local vehicle manufacturers and support market representations at local excibitions, congresses and expert conferences.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are also performing sales, marketing and project management tasks to efficiently disburden the suppliers.

Project management

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are taking care of project management tasks within major programs for vehicle manufacturers in the international emerging markets as well as for West European engineering services providers.
According to our experience an intensive, self initiative communication is crucial for vehicle developments distributed over various countries.
For the purpose of a convincing economical and timely project efficiency it helps essentially to have one central party coordinating all activities being distributed in the market in a competent manner. Best baseline in this case is an excellent understanding of the specific customer requirements and all applying conditions.

Procurement support

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are providing efficient help and support in the area of purchasing and procurement.
This does allow vehicle manufacturers in the emerging markets to get direct access to the broad range of highly specialised suppliers in Europe.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are also offering the procurement of cost effective preowned machines to simultaneously lower investment budgets and modernise production infrastructure.
Finally on behalf of vehicle manufacturers in the international emerging markets ADVANTECH STUDIOS are investigating possible suppliers for materials, components and systems being difficult to source in the market.
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