ADVANTECH STUDIOS are representing the affection for vehicles, their technology and their origination.

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are the result of the deep ambition, born in 25 years of business life, to bring together the best out of all automotive disciplines starting with the unique consequence of Formula 1 and ending up with the excellent maturation level of leading premium vehicle manufacturers. Always acting with highest commitment and limitless identification to find and guarantee optimal solutions for the sake of the customer.

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are the logical consequence arising from the recoginition to have reached a lot in previous business environments, but to become able to achieve even more using the freedom of an own company, always aiming to perform things in the best possible way.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS do admit to strict success and performance orientation in accordance with human and social values.

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are supporting the customer in the field of automotive development and consultancy services using the broad spectrum of experiences grown in a long and glamorous business life. In an open and reliable dialogue the customer will receive creative solution proposals and turn key project results. The focus is placed on excellent, cost effective and rapid solutions - everything out of one hand.

Key point of the ADVANTECH STUDIOS strategy is the exact understanding of the specific customer requirements and their satisfactory fullfillment.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are making use of a highly specialised network of co-operation partners and sub-suppliers, primarily in the automotive reference market Germany, completed by international specialists.

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are providing support for the creation of new vehicles covering the complete development process in terms of design, development and manufacturing engineering issues.
The product portfolio is including whole verhicle developments up to individual detailled engineeringring tasks.
The primary focus in all activities is considering efficiency increasing and cost reducing solutions and is aiming for the implementation of innovative technologies and materials.

The ADVANTECH STUDIOS competence portfolio contains all popular vehicle technologies emphasising on road cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.
In addition ADVANTECH STUDIOS are performing development tasks for technologically related vehicles in the area of agriculture and special vehicles.

Small and medium-sized companies in the automotive root countries will receive support by ADVANTECH STUDIOS entering automotive emerging markets and providing own services passing international and intercultural borders.

The ADVANTECH STUDIOS headquarter is based in Germany in the area of Munich as one of the automotive competence centre. The continuously growing company got additionally operations close to the customers according to the relevant main target markets.

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are operating in the international automotive emerging markets as well as for West European customers with comparable demands for pragmatism and efficiency in all intended solutions.

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