Principal and CEO:

The affection for technology in all its facets and the enthusiasm for vehicles of every kind
are characterising the occupational history of the founder, owner and CEO
of ADVANTECH STUDIOS GmbH, Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Mueller.

Technologically highly demanding projects, international activity fields,
the exaltation for marketing and communication,
deep personal commitment and the pleasure arising from occupational dedication:
This is the guideline in the personal vita.

Previous stations in the founders business life:

  • Graduation from apprenticeships for electro mechanical engineering and enery electronics
    (both awarded as best in chamber of commerce and industry
  • Engineering studies at Aachen RWTH technical university
    Innovative diploma thesis in the car industry (awarded)
    "Conceptional solutions for electromagnetic valve drives
    to be used for high reving combustion engines"
  • Formula 1 team Sauber (partners: FORD / Cosworth / Ferrari):
    Head of system engineering
  • Formula 1 team BMW Williams:
    Head of electronics track group
    (5 victories of the supervised vehicle / driver in the F1 world championship)
  • DTM International touring car championship:
    Technical director
  • Atena Engineering, automotive engineering services provider (Mercedes):
    Director business area electronics
    Manager business development motorsports and competition vehicles
  • IVM Automotive / Semcon, automotive engineering services provider:
    Director business areas electrical / electronics and power train / chassis
    Director for technology and innovation
    Director business area East Europe

Corporate structure:

To achieve the highest possible decision efficiency
and to simlify all required legal activities
founding and establishing the company,
intentionally the model of a single acting managing partner got chosen.

ADVANTECH STUDIOS GmbH got exclusively founded using given private capital.

Additional associates are currently not considered.
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)
  • Russian (CIS)
  • Persian (Iran)
  • 한국어 (Republic of Korea)
  • 简体中文 (Chinese)