Whole vehicle bus developments

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are supporting you in whole vehicle developments of brand new as well as modernised bus vehicles.
We are taking care of all issues in the bus development process starting from the initial vision up to final production launch.
In all development disciplines modern engineering tools are in use.
One main focus in our projects belongs to an intensive technical knowledge transfer to our partners.

Concept evaluation

Oftenly the basic concept evaluation and the creation of a complete product description book is initial part of the development process.
Typical areas to be defined are seat arrangements, door concepts, driver work space and major system solutions such as engine, transmission, electronics.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are supporting our customers in this early phase suggesting various solutions based on our experience.
We do also help you initiating personal contacts to the main system, component and material suppliers in West Europe.

Bus vehicle safety

Bus vehicle safety is getting more and more important. In addition to product costs, reliability and functionality the given safety level becomes a key criteria in the competition.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are performing developments in the area of active and passive safety related to vehicle behavior and passenger protection.

Simulation and numerical analysis

Simulation and numerical analysis is getting more and more important even for commercial vehicles.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are using all modern simulation methodologies starting from conventional strength analysis up to computational fluid dynamics.
Using simulation based optimisations the vehicle weight and accordingly the manufacturing costs can be lowered.
Other typical activities are suited to e. g. optimise vehicle safety based on roll-over simulations
Another standardised development product is covering suspension simulation to ensure the correct operation of axles and steering system.

Bus design

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are developing exterior and interior design for stylish bus vehicles.
We are using virtual reality software tools to create the styling suiting your expectations.
Main pillar of the design process is an intensive regular dialogue with you being the key point of orientation.

Bus chassis developments

We are performing chassi developments for bus vehicles based on a self-carrying rolling chassis.
This technologic concept is oftenly used for coach buses, cost-effactive vehicles and low entry buses.
The developments can also be initiated to modernise existing solutions or to achieve a higher local content.

Low floor bus developments

The trend in city buses is clearly moving towards low floor concepts. They do require a self carrying integrated bus corpus
ADVANTECH STUDIOS is performing developments for low floor concepts with different power train architectures as solo and articulated vehicles.

Development tools

All developments performed by ADVANTECH STUDIOS are based on mdoern CAD and CAE development tools.
At the end of the project the customer receives one hundred percent of all data and a complete development documentation.
Using virtual reality tools the customer can closely follow the development process with full transparency.

Power train integration

A typical engineering task for bus vehicles is the integration of new modern power trains.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are carrying out complete integration developments for power trains fulfilling emission classes up to Euro 6.
We are acting independent from specific suppliers even recommending openly to you the individually best technical solution from our point of view.

Green energy drives

Innovative power trains are getting more and more important for commercial vehicles, especially for city buses due to their specific load profile.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are providing engineering services in the field of innovative hybrid drives, low emission gas engines and electrical drives as used for trolley buses.

Axle and steeing system integration

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are integration developments for suspension and steering systems.
We typically focus on conventional beam axles, portal axles and independent suspension.
The developments doe include system functions such as kneeling and ride height control.
Our modern engineering solutions do provide ABS and even ESP features.

Interior developments

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are covering the full interior development process from styling to sample part manufacturing.
Based on virtual reality design tools we are commonly with our customers able to define very early the final appearance.
This even allows to involve your final customers for specific product derivatives.

Main electrical devices

The electric architecture usually consists of three main devices:
  • The complete wiring harness
  • The central fuse / relay box
  • The driver work place
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are developing turn key system solutions or optionally individual parts depending on your requirements.

System commissioning

Due to the complexity of modern electrical and electronic systems the prototype build and prototype commissioning is an essential task in the development proocess.
Even taking the responsibility for this tasks we are reecommending engineers and technicians from our customers to participate in this phase.
This setup will ensure the needed knowledge build up for a start of an efficient and trouble free production start phase.

Driver workspace design

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are covering styling and final design engineering for new driver work places.
Usually it depends on many factors such as already given local content and production volume whether you prefer a fully new designed own solution or whether the driver work place will be based on supplied modules.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are acting as consultant to help you finding the best way.

Driver work place ergonomics

Throughout the development ADVANTECH STUDIOS are taking care of sufficient ergonomics for the driver.
For that purpose typical investigations for visibility area and accessability of operator components get performed.

Own driver work place solution

For large volume production or in case of specific needs it might be preferred to have your complete own solution for the driver work place.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are covering the complete development process from styling over mechanical design up to prototype manufacturing.
We are developing the driver work place for you including all technical aspects like electrical, electronics and functionality.

Electrical architecture

Most coach and city buses are either making use of a conventional electric architecture or a modern electronic communication network architecture.
ADVANTECH STUDIOS are performing complete developments for both philosophies.
Due to the fact that the electronic system is getting the key field of complexity we are always ensuring a deep knowledge transfer to our customers.
At the end we want you to be able to operate the system, to cover programming, end of line testing and failure investigation / trouble shooting.

Technical documentation

ADVANTECH STUDIOS are creating technical documentations for both existing as well as new bus vehicles.
Typical documents are:
  • 2D manufacturing drawings
  • Homologation documentation
  • User manuals
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)
  • Russian (CIS)
  • Persian (Iran)
  • 한국어 (Republic of Korea)
  • 简体中文 (Chinese)